sculptor, printmaker, poet & music-maker


A gallery of early and current sculpture and reliefs by Asheville artist Roger Munch, sculptor, printmaker, poet and music-maker.

Current Sculpture


Early Work

There is a kind of sacred connection I feel to an aspect of “indigeny” in my work; a trusting intuitively in that which is intrinsic, innate; a seeing of something which is already there.
— Roger Munch, Of Silence and Slow Time

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Skin & Bones

I also have the desire to create and arrive at the finished object in such a way that boils an idea down to its basic core, removing the non-essential, to a point that arrives at simplistic essence and elegance.
— Roger Munch, Skin & Bones

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Drawings in Space

I wanted to explore how to break through the picture plane and then go back into it, through it, and back out again; to explore the idea of twisting the flat two dimensional surface of the picture plane out into three dimensional space; to indicate form and volume, yet violate its solidity.
— Roger Munch, Drawings in Space

Read the full text of the artist's statement "Drawings in Space"