sculptor, printmaker, poet & music-maker


A gallery of prints by Asheville artist Roger Munch, sculptor, printmaker, poet and music-maker.

Moments in Time

This series of monotype prints was made during a single twenty-four hour nonstop printmaking session. During this time, my focus and interest was to try and capture the transitory nature of the human experience and, by extension, the transitory and dynamic nature of the cosmos as well.

Each individual person is never the same person twice. From day to day we change and from year to year we change... and so on from conception to grave. Even within the passing seconds we change; we change with every thought and emotion that flashes across our face and body.

So what are we really looking at when we look in the mirror? What do we really see when we look deeply?

While creating these prints, I have attempted to push away from the representation of solid form to the brink of the edge of chaos...and then I attempted to capture the tension between that interface, between substance and spirit.

In this search, this sounding of the depths, the recognition of larger implications is unavoidable. The body becomes a coat, a garment, a scrim, an ephemeral smoke behind which the eternal mysteries converse. The desire to see “As face to face” reaches out for fulfillment “until the day breaks and the shadows flee away”.
— Roger Munch, At the Line Where the Shadow Breaks