sculptor, printmaker, poet & music-maker


Biography of Asheville artist Roger Munch, sculptor, printmaker, poet and music-maker.

Roger Munch was born and raised in northern New Jersey. From early childhood, to this day, he is greatly influenced and forever being shaped by his experiences of intimate quiet time spent in nature. An avid reader, Roger is also indebted to the age-old inspirational and magical voices of poets, teachers, and other brave souls, who live to acknowledge wonder, mystery, majesty, blessing and joy; who attempt to speak of the unnamable.

Along the way, Roger has had careers such as: factory worker, machinist, tree surgeon, minister, model maker, and mechanical designer. He has always pursued the making of art and the writing of poetry throughout his life. Since 2001, he has been a full time art teacher at the West Essex Middle School, located in North Caldwell, New Jersey.

Roger has had one person shows at a number of New Jersey universities and colleges and has shown his work in New York City, New Jersey, and Kentucky and has received an art fellowship at Skidmore College in Saratoga Springs, New York. Roger has also published his poetry and has produced his first book of collected poems.

Roger's most recent work endeavors to reduce the profound to its most basic and elegant forms of beauty.