sculptor, printmaker, poet & music-maker
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Art Books

Books of artwork by Asheville artist Roger Munch, sculptor, printmaker, poet and music-maker.

Sculpture I

The Figure: A Drawing Exploration

Drawing the figure, for me then, has become an exploration that has gone beyond the realistic depiction and has also gone, to a certain extent, beyond the subject of the figure itself.

Where Art Wants to Go

If there is a theme to this book, the title comes closest to expressing it. The artwork shown in this book is a mixed bag of old and new, finished and in progress works. Bigger ideas often start as an outgrowth of the more rudimentary ones, but in the large sense, art is never about arrival; there is no finish line.

Monotypes: Moments in Time

While creating these prints, I have attempted to push away from the representation of solid form to the brink of the brink of chaos.

Sculpture III

The materials used are as a coat, garment, and surface, as scrim, as an ephemeral smoke behind which eternal mysteries converse

The Self Portrait: A Drawing Exploration

I have come to prefer approximation, trying rather to capture a basic gestalt and trying to capture a sense of the fleeting dynamics of the ever-changing and unpredictable present.

Skin & Bones

As part of an adventure amongst five artists, I have approached the theme of “Skin and Bones” with much thought and contemplation, and have explored many of the larger implications associated with this theme.

Drawing Sculptures

When drawing and sculpture is juxtaposed and one is not quite the other, the coexistent tension between the two-dimensional contrasted with that of the tangible three-dimensional space of the real world interest me.

Forks & Spoons

I really do think that if an artist honestly and passionately pursued even the tiniest thread-end of an idea, that he/she could end up ‘mining’ gems out of that humble beginning to be taken for a ride of a lifetime...for a lifetime!

Spontaneous Line Dawings

Line, a single forward movement of a point traveling through time and space, speaks truth with simplicity, yet knows how to play, to fly, or to soar, leaving its aspiration for us to follow.

The Dead Bird Drawings

Birds have mystified and amazed me since my earliest childhood days; they have weaved their way into the very core of my being.

Drawing: An Endless Pilgrimage

Drawing is empathy in action, is a mutually dynamic relationship in which a conversation occurs; it is a meeting and an outcome. Drawing serves as an entry point, an adventure, a teacher, a mentor; it is an expression of ideas, concepts, emotions, and ideals.