sculptor, printmaker, poet & music-maker
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Books of poetry by Asheville artist Roger Munch, sculptor, printmaker, poet and music-maker.

Along the Way

In this first collection of poems, Mr. Munch expresses an intimacy with Nature that acknowledges, often with childhood freshness, the spiritual impact of Nature’s beauty, wonder, and mystery. Munch’s keenly personal and pictorially vibrant style of poetry floats between child-like simplicity, spirituality, philosophy, and Zen Buddhism.
Spring Ever
I Draw My Bow
Across the Labyrinth
The Winnowing
The Boat
A Place of Kindling
In the Wind from the Blue Heavens
I Let These Things Go
This Fine Round Pearl
Play Against the darkness
In the Shadow of Mystery
In the Palm of God
The Green
Sons of Fire
The Rising Green
This Man Do?
Where Once You
In Anticipation
Morning Rose
Were We Not Like Gods
A Lark
In the Shadow of the Summer Trees
Star to Star
Do You See It?
I Take Them
The Golden Shield
The Master Frame
Ride Free the Clear Heavens
For a Moment
Little Angel
Dead Leaves Gathered
The Cup
The Path Ahead
From My Own Lips
Ever Blessed Virgin
All In A Dream
Night Walk
When I Pass You On the Street
We’ve Always Known
Where Angels Trod
The High Blue
Until the Wind Blows
The Golden Nail
Like a Flower, I Turn My Face
If the Walk is not soft
Eyes Open
You Walk Along the Stream
Beneath the Starred Cloak and Emerald Wood


Points of Entry, In Light and Shadow

In this second collection of poems, Mr. Munch continues exploring his deep connection with Nature, as expressed in his “Along The Way” collection, but this time divides the book in half, including poetry that contrasts the first half of the book with darker or more difficult aspects of life.
You Walk Along the Stream
A Coin Tossed in the Air
Your Name is in it
Call of the Blue
Butterfly, Butterfly
No Thin Smoke
Beautiful and Laughing
At the Dentist's Chair
Walking Down City Streets with You
Fine Round Pearl
If Deer Could Fly
But the Crow
Nest in the High Tree Tops
In Your Eyes
Smooth as Butter
The Same Voice
To Be a Leaf
The Spell
The Rose
Crazy as a Loon
The Light
I Swim
It's a Good Thing
Eyes Open
Playing Against the Darkness
Here I Am
This Night
I Travel My Horse
Toys Inside
Empty Treasury
Out of the Black Night
The Weeping
Spoils of War
Across the River
In the Quiet of that Stall
Oh Soft Rabbit
White Stones
The Weight of Sorrow
No Bread
Silent Slay, Both Swollen and Strange
No Green so Ever Treasured
The Blood Dried
Three Bells
Years of Working Hours
So Poor
Of Tin
One Smooth Stone
Faint Tinklings
Poetry is not for You
Call of the Southern Latitudes
They Said

Whispers, Moon on my Shoulder

In this third and newest collection of poetry. Mr. Munch includes a series of poems that were all written between the hours of eleven pm and two in the morning, over a two year period. Once again Munch continues to invoke a vivid pictorial experience while connecting the reader with meaning and mystery.
In My Dreams
This Night
For Larry
This Night
The Bridge
Hum of the Stars
How A Poem
Maybe I’ll Become
The Rounding
Little Mouse
On My Shoulder
Thread So Long
Oh, Brothers
Where the Sun Comes Up
Once a Child
Who Am I to Boast
I Light This Candle
Some Things Can Fly
This Hill Upon Which I Live
Open to Me
Gone Fishing
Queen of Gentle Domains
A Timeless Encounter
Just Sayin’
As it Should Be
Like This
The Rising Gold
Oh Moon
For Women
Journey on a Path Undefined
In the Wonder-flow
Oh, Joseph
Against the Frost
The Pawn
Crazy Dudes
Put On
This Day
Ode to Italy
A Single Pebble
2:00 AM
There Was a Time
Winged River
Blow This Trumpet of Gold
Here’s The Deal
Each Rung
Inside Out
Children of War
Cloak of Despair
Come Harvest
The Visitation
The Deceiver
The Whole Together Seen
White Stones
Once Told
At Dawn I Once Walked
The Darkened Wood
Like Black Snow
Dissipation of the Veil
One Day
Point of View
No Defining Feathered Quill